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Friday, May 11th  – Sunday, May 13, 2018

Training/Workshop Hours

NOTE: There will be a 2 hour break for lunch so you can enjoy the Spa’s pools, baths and other services.

Workshop Prerequisites


  • Have an open-mind

  • Have an open-heart

  • Be ready to get out of your comfort zone

  • Be willing to experience new ways of practicing your profession and service your patients/clients

  • Read the Guide to MASTER YOUR PERSONAL EVEREST – How to Empower Yourself by using the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model.

  • Once registered, you will be given access to the e-book version the Guide.


Spa Eastman

895, chemin des Diligences
Eastman, Quebec J0E1P0 Canada

450 297-3009 / 1 800 665-5272




Make your reservation at the spa by phone or email.

Please note that Accommodations pricing includes 3 meals for Saturday and the same for Sunday as well as access to pools, baths and spa special activities.

To make your spa reservation:

call: 1 800 665-5272

or email: reservation@spa-eastman.com

Training/Workshop Details


Fresh Start on Self-Healing & Empowerment Training


This is a 2.5-day Training/workshop created especially for Professionals in Health Care and related fields anywhere in the world.


It trains you in the Universal Principles of Self-Healing, the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model as well as the complementary tools; and how to apply these principles and tools in providing services to your patients and clients.

Please see the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model page for more information on the tools.

CHANGE Pyramid Model is aset of tools used for self-healing and personal empowerment. It is the fondation of personal transfomation.

The session is highly focused on the needs of the group. It concentrates on stress management, self-healing and empowerment principles and tools as mentioned above in an interactive way for a small group of like minded people. Lucie will ensure each member of the group gets the most out of the class and is able to achieve his/her goal.

During the course of this training/workshop, Lucie will deliver new teachings; share examples from her own experience as a patient and stroke survivor that has fully recovered from paralysis and blindness (even if specialists where telling her and her family that she would never walk or see again); teach you how to recondition your body and your mind to health and happiness and help your patients/clients to do the same; she will show you how to expedite any kind of healing by changing the way you and your patients/clients see, think, feel and act about the dis-ease or the dysfunction. Lucie will also show how to channel and use your Higher Source Energy to have more energy, feel and live better.


Lucie will not only share with you the tools she used to recover from her stroke (CHANGE Pyramid Model), but also the tools she discovered afterwards and that she now calls Complementary tools (see CHANGE Pyramid/Complementary tools on her Website https://www.changepyramidsolutions.com/complementory-tools )


This workshop may get you out of your comfort zone, but it will also get you in a new and improved state of being. It will change the way you see yourself and your life and it will help you to help your patients/clients who are looking for ways to do the same.


Lucie will take you through a series of interactive exercises, including, but not limited to, meditation and visualization that will deepen your practice with your patients/clients.





You will learn how to:

  • Experience different tools to manage stress and find inner peace

  • Shift your mindset and explore the infinite possibilities for your life and those of your patients/clients

  • Understand how the Universal Principles of Self-Healing work

  • Help your patients/clients to expedite their healing

  • Practice the easy-to-use tools that will help you to help your patients/clients to be an integral part of their healing process

  • Learn from experience: yours and mine

  • Empower Yourself and your patients/clients to heal, stay healthy and live the life you want

  • Acknowledge the give and take in life and know when to ask others or the divine for help; open your heart

  • Take downtime to reflect; Get back in touch with your needs, your deepest desires, your beliefs, your perceptions and make sure they are still what you want and need

  • Your body works for you, not against you; learn how to work with your body or your patient’s

  • Visualize the outcome you want; live your future reality now

  • Think positively

  • Use Positive affirmations and repetition to bring your desires and those of your patients to fruition.

  • Foster awareness; “self-care” so you can help others

  • Forgive both ways: you forgive others AND you forgive yourself

  • Meditate to tap into the Higher Source. It is a fantastic tool to grow in the life you desire; use your consciousness to master matter and your Personal Everest

  • Cultivate intuition; Trust your insights and the wisdom gleaned in silence.

  • Pay attention to Synchronicities which take all kinds of forms.

  • Let go and express gratitude for the present and your new future


Come learn and participate in a peaceful environment where you are supported and surrounded by like-minded people who are also on the journey of change and personal transformation for themselves and their patients/clients.


“Dare to dream the impossible dream, identify and master your Personal Everest. Break through your perceived limitations, so you can manifest a new vision of yourself or the reality you desire.” Lucie Légaré


Workshop Pricing:

STARTING AT $1,447 (including training, 2 night stay, 3 meals per day as well as access to pools, baths and spa special activities)


This a three (3) step process:

  1. You must register for the training below

  2. Pay your training online and

  3. call or email the spa to reserve your accommodation.​​


Training Regular Price $1,997 CAN

SPECIAL OFFER 50% OFF the training $997 CAD until November 30, 2017​

1) Register for your training here.

Come with your business partner or spouse; with an open-heart, open-mind, open-soul and be ready to step out of your comfort zone!

NOTE: Your business partner or spouse can come at NO extra-charge for the workshop, however accommodation price will vary.

2) Pay your training here



​3) Make your spa reservation:

call: 1 800 665-5272

or email: reservation@spa-eastman.com


If you have any special dietary needs you may specify those with your accommodation reservations.

Special dietary meal options are only available until three weeks prior to the event. After that time the resort cannot guarantee that they will be able to accommodate special dietary requests.


Reserved seats are not provided. Every morning each participant chooses their seat for the current day. At the end of each day, you will be asked to remove your belongings. Anything left will go to the Lost & Found.

What I might need?

  • Journal, Note Pad and Pens

  • Pillow, Blanket and/or Towel – if you would like to sit on the floor meditations (yoga mats will be provided)

  • Eye Shade – if you would like to block out the light during the meditations

  • Bathing suit and warm hat for outside warm pools (two warm pools are open all year around)

  • All packages with accommodation include unlimited access to "Eastman-les-Bains". Bathrobes and towels are provided at no additional cost, to access the bathroom during your stay. Surrender yourself to the benefits of hot and cold!

  • Sandals when walking around the pools and Nordic baths

  • Comfortable clothing to practice yoga, and shoes (or boots) to walk or run in the trails


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* Please turn off your cell phones during the entire event!
* No audio or video recording, per our publisher’s request. If we find anyone recording during the workshop, we will nicely ask you to discontinue recording and delete any files.
* Temperature: We do our best to keep the room comfortable, so if today is too cold for you, prepare for tomorrow by dressing in layers or bring a blanket.
* For the comfort of your fellow students, we ask you to please refrain from wearing strong colognes deodorants, lotions, essential oils, or perfumes while at the workshop.
* Music: Lucie likes to use music or vibration to fill the space during meditations so that you can go deeper. If you have any sensitivity to sound, please move away from the speakers.
* If you need any assistance during the event sessions, please find a staff member.
* We will have a Lost & Found at the event should any of your items go missing.

We encourage you to take photos before and after the workshop and during breaks to share with family and friends and as a reminder of your workshop experience. When posting to Social Media, please use the Hashtags: #lucielegare, , #freshstartonselfhealing, #selfhealingtraining, #empowermenttraining or #whereintheworldislucielegare. Please note however that photo, video, & audio recordings during the workshop and of Lucie’s slides, visual presentation, whiteboards and banners on the wall is strictly forbidden.

Product Store

The Product Store will be open during certain times throughout the event. You will be notified of the exact store hours at the workshop.



REFUND POLICY: 1) All orders have an unconditional five business day refund policy from date of purchase; 2) I must send an email to lucie@changepyramidsolutions.com and request a refund within the five day period; 3) No refund will be accepted after five business days from date of purchase; 4) If I attend a live event before the refund period has expired, the refund will be void, and 5) If I have chosen a payment plan, the same refund policy applies to the full price of the event or products.