How can you help your patients/clients help you in their healing process?
How can you help them know and feel that they are an integral part of their healing?
In what ways might you help your patients/clients make better choices in their life?

​What Lucie discovered throughout her life and for her own healing – what saved her life and gave her a second chance to make a difference – are 6 areas of focus, each with its own set of tools (see "C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model") that gave her clarity – and opportunity to transform herself into a new and revived HER. 


And these can work for your patients/clients and YOU as well.

Anywhere in the world, Lucie is available to speak to your organization, association or company on "Out of the wheelchair and onto the dance floor" or other topics related to personal empowerment. She will show you how to use the various tools which have a direct application for your patients and you in expanding their/your personal power and transforming their/your life.

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Lucie Legare and her Signature Speech "Out of the wheelchair and onto the dance floor". Lucie will deliver Conference Keynotes, Workshops, Seminars, Inspirational Talks, Graduation Speeches, Corporate and Small business training.   Contact Lucie Légaré Today to Speak at YOUR Event!
Out of the wheelchair and onto the dance floor!


"You see, ladies and gentlemen, at 27 years I had a severe stroke that left me blind and unable to move or walk… let alone dance! But today, I’m fully recovered and want to challenge you, figuratively speaking, to “get out of YOUR wheelchair” -- whatever that might be – and “onto YOUR dance floor” – whatever this might mean for you.


This was literal for me – 6 months in a hospital bed, and 5 long years to gain back my mobility and vision. But you know what, in retrospect, not very long at all given the prognosis of my doctors that I would never walk or see again.


My doctors totally underestimated the power of SELF-HEALING. Don't do the same mistake; help your patients to know how important their part is in their healing and wellbeing.

So let me ask you, what naysayers in your life are keeping you in a "WHEELCHAIR", and blinders on YOUR eyes?" Lucie Légaré

Lucie delivers Conference Keynotes, Workshops, Seminars, Inspirational Talks, Graduation Speeches, Corporate and Small business training.
Contact Lucie Légaré Today to Speak at YOUR Event!


"Lucie Légaré (World's #1 Self-Healing Consultant) is worth listening to!  Having effected true and astounding miracles in her own life after a stroke due to work burnout and stress, she authoritatively teaches what she KNOWS to be true, in an accessible and eminently useful manner.  That’s rare. 

Lucie is training Professionals in Health care and other related fields on how to effectively use the Universal Principals of Self-Healing; and how to apply these principals in providing services to their patients and clients, so they can help their patients transform their life's challenges into their VICTORIES.

We all want and need miracles in our lives.  Lucie shows the way that she learned through hard-won experience so that your patients/clients or you don’t have to struggle to recharge and stay healthy.  You win.  Your clients/patients win.  Better results are much easier than you feared.  Let Lucie be your guide."

​Marcus Geier, The Metaphysical Philanthropist


—PLEASE NOTE: The health care services, training, and consultation available through CHANGE Pyramid Solutions and the CHANGE Pyramid Model as well as the complementary tools do not replace medical treatment, but they complement them. We use them and train you to use them so we can expedite your healing and wellbeing.

—We want to complement the other treatments by educating on the power of the Self so people can find or regain physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. We want those people limited by daily pain to empower themselves and improve their efficiency and quality of life.


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