Life is but... a choice! - Meet Mark Walhlberg

By now, I'm pretty sure you all know how I'm not only a strong believer, but also a strong advocate in the fact that we ALWAYS have the choice.

In L.A. last November, I had the chance to meet Mark Wahlberg. Mark is a funny and genuine person. Watch this clip with Bill Ferrell... so funny!

This A-list personality is a good example of “ALWAYS having the choice”. Mark was born on the “wrong-side-of-the-tracks” in Boston. In his youth period, he chose a Street gang life, including drug addiction and violence. But he did not stay there. He chose a different lifestyle.

In his career, Mark has been a singer (New Kids on the Block and Mark and the Funky Bunch); a model for Calvin Klein’s underwear ads (among others) and, at 22 years old, he made his acting debut. Since then, Mark has acted in 38 movies and produced 14. He is a businessman in Sports and Restaurant franchise. He established the “Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation” which has a mission to assist youth to ensure that no child is limited or prevented from attaining their lifetime goal or dream due to financial circumstances “TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE”, Mark says.

Moreover, a few days ago, Mark donated 1.5 Million dollars to Time’s up Movement, an organization created in response to men and women from all walks of life who shared their experiences in recent months about being harassed, sexually abused or assaulted.

Mark has made fundamental changes in his life: he chose to change from the inside out. Now, he has a positive impact on youth and other people around him. Thank you, Mark!


You have heard me say that “CHOICE is the foundation of personal transformation and also the foundation of my C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model”.

If you want to achieve a certain goal in your life; if you want to improve your health... FIRST, YOU NEED TO CHOOSE IT. You need to believe in it in your mind, your heart, your guts and in your soul. Think, speak and act according to it. That’s where it starts.

I can help you to achieve what you want. Contact me. I'll be happy to help.

Enjoy a great day!


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