Woz, you are an amazing person. Thanks!

Spending a few hours with Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, was absolutely impressive. The man is friendly, deeply and genuinely compassionate and modest. His smiling face; his appetite for humor and laughter made us smile and laugh in return. His intelligence and great business acumen made our time with him a moment of great learning combined with joy.

He confirmed that passion and love of what I do is essential to success with my business, for my clients, my family and me.

Thanks Woz! Hope to see you again soon ;-)

Lucie Légaré meeting with Steve Wozniak, a real pleasure! Thank you Woz!

#PersonalEmpowerment #learning #LucieLegare #SteveWozniak #JTFoxx #strokesurvivor #fullrecoveryafterstroke #healthandinspirationalspeaker #Megasuccess

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