Mega Success... all the way!

Let me tell you about my trip to Los Angeles, California and the Mega Success Event ... Amazing!

My speech went very well and I had a lot of heartfelt feedback from the participants; speaking in front of 2500 people is an indescribable sensation ... the energy was incredible and I received so much love from the audience. I am so full of gratitude.

We learned a lot; we shouted with joy and satisfaction; we laughed our hearts out (thanks, Charlie Sheen!); we sang till our lungs rolled out (Thanks, Vanilla Ice and Bret Michaels!); and what about Mel Gibson ... an enchanting voice! We also met Christie Brinkley, a successful and smart businesswoman and a super-model as elegant at age 64 as she was when she was younger. John Travolta, Hugh Hilton, and I could go on like this for a long time ...

The most extraordinary of all is JT Foxx's unmeasured magnetism that attracts the best people imaginable. Thank you, JT! Thank you, Damien! Thanks to the entire JT Foxx Organization team! And especially thank you to all those extraordinary people who were present and with whom I will share new experiences for the rest of my life!

An amazing experience! Thank you!

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