My conference on October 18th at the "International Conference on Humanizing Health care"

Dear friends and followers,

I am so happy to let you know that my conference on October 18th at the International Conference on Humanizing Health care was a success! Yes, many people attended the workshop and I had great feedback from the audience during and after my speech. For example: “I was moved by Lucie’s story and determination. Lucie is inspiring and she helps us find the inner power that is available to all of us. The tools she is showing us are simple to use and, from her experience, are very effective. I need to find out more about the training she will give from December 15th to 17th so I can learn how to use those tools and apply them in my life to get what I want and help my clients and employees as well.”

Thank you, Christina! I am grateful for this beautiful testimonial.

You can find out more about the FRESH START ON SELF-HEALING AND EMPOWERMENT TRAINING and register on my Website or contact me by email I will be happy to inform you.

This conference had for objective to explore emerging trends and best practices that include relationship-centred care and highlight innovative ways to build capacity through community engagement, education, research and technology; cultivating compassion and dignity in an aging society. It attracted professionals in health care and related fields from all over the world. I am glad I was part of it!

I am grateful for my life, just as it has unfolded so far, since all my choices and experiences brought me where I am today... sharing and helping you. I’m also grateful IN THE PRESENT for the future I have already become... my dreams are becoming a reality and it feels great!” Lucie Légaré

What are you grateful for today?

Enjoy a beautiful day!

I'm speaking at the International Conference on Humanizing Health care, and happy to do so!


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