JT Foxx and Family in my life... a wonderful timing for success!

January 27, 2017, was the first time I met JT Foxx and part of the JT Organization family. It was at a Mega Speaker Event in Ottawa and Tim, my spouse, was with me. We were expecting hard core selling and we were determined not to get fooled by some “hocus-pocus magician” on stage.

I had just lost my job a few weeks before Christmas. When it happened, Tim and I took some time to think about the next steps that were best for me and our family: we agreed that, since I had started writing and speaking in 2011, it was time to make it my full time career, but I needed help.

And so, both of us are seating in the third row from the front and are listening to JT very closely. I have my notebook and I can’t write fast enough to keep up with him: it’s awesome! Tim is very “left brain” he’s listening to the numbers and the passive income tips. I’m more of a “right brain”, although my “left brain” is pretty active, so I listen to everything but one thing is for sure: JTs passion is contagious. We go hours without a break, and JT has energy like no one I know.

JT is a “young hot shot” and younger than most people in the room. By the way, it’s Friday and there are over 200 people listening and watching him. He is handsome, energetic, has a very positive kind of attitude and he is very assertive; he has a presence in the room that no one can deny. You like him or you don’t.... but we all stayed anyway.

After a few hours of amazing tips on how to become a Professional Speaker and the step-by-step process to get there, he stops for a break and tells us he has CDs for sale: lots of us rushed at the back and bought them.

The whole day was filled with valuable information; so much so that Tim, the “left-brainer” who warned me about the hard core selling, was the first one to mention I needed to be part of the JT Foxx Family. We bought the Dream Team Package with Damien, JT’s partner, 4-day Group Business Coaching in August 2017.

Since January 27th, Tim and I went to 2 Mega Speakers Events, 2 45 days to Stage Events, we had 3 days of intense individual coaching for the Speaker part of my new business and we are going to the Family Reunion – Mega Success Event, where I will be speaking in front of 2 500 Business owners, Millionaires, Celebrities and more.

Ouf!... And the journey has just begun!

Let me tell you a little about my 3-day individual coaching

Tim and I were at the 45 days to Stage Event in Toronto for the first time: a 2-day event. Once again the information we get from JT’s team is incredible! They give give give... I write and Tim fills-in the blanks when I need to... by the way, he has his own notebook this time lol!

I get to speak in front of this amazing crowd on the Sunday morning: awesome!

In the afternoon on Sunday, Coach Dr. Jim Alvino has the stage while people in the room are talking with Coach Jason and Coach Steven. Dr. Alvino talks MY language; he tells us about Quantum Physics and how to use it and the Law of Attraction for the growth of our business. After an hour or so, I turn to Tim and say: “He is the coach I need. He is the person I need to talk with, so I get my business and my “life calling” going in the right direction!”

When it’s our turn to talk to Coach Steven, we exchange my Dream Team group coaching for 1-day individual coaching with Coach Jim; but we also realize that one day will not be enough, so we add a 2nd day. I was so happy; I could feel inside that it was a major step in the direction of the realization of my purpose, of my goal.

I had been looking for the right person/coach for over 5 years, and I had finally found him. You see, I had started to speak, write and give workshops in 2009. It went... OK... but I quickly realized I needed a coach; I needed someone to guide me and help me. My vision of being an International Speaker, coach and author was big and bold and I came to the conclusion that, even if my ego wanted me to do it alone, I could not do it alone.

Our 2-day coaching with Jim was scheduled for 4 weeks later. I had time to prepare: get as much information possible together for our meeting so that we could make every second count.

Wow! Did it count!

It was VERY intense. 10-12 hour days. We worked hard, laughed and had some pretty intense conversation on life, business and