Do you have a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem or dis-comfort you would like to get rid of?
Do you believe that perfect health is possible?
Do you know and feel that transformation and lasting changes happen from the inside out?

You want to know how to heal from any kind of dis-ease... this individual consultation is for you.

"The doctors told me and my family that I would not walk or see again. Today, I walk, I even won in a National Championship Dance Competition, and I see very well! What seems impossible for some, may be possible for you, if you really want it! "Living our life in health  at all levels, is essential for human and social balance. Lucie offers to help you understand and align your life to get healthy and continue your life in perfect health.

We have 4 options for Individual Consultation, which one sounds best for you?


Please see the "Patient Only" page for Individual Consultation options and to reserve.