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Health & Inspirational Speaker and Consultant

I mainly work with Adults and their family to train them in the Universal Principles of Self-Healing as well as the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model; and how to apply these principles and tools. I also work with patients that want help in knowing how to expedite their own healing and achieving their goals in life.

"Healing begins with the Self and it MUST start on the inside. Help yourself and your patients so you can transform life's challenges into VICTORIES."

Lucie Légaré

Lucie Legare helping you to transform your life


Are you looking for better results when working with your patients?
What I discovered along the way in my life – what saved my life and gave me a second chance to make a difference – are 6 areas of focus, each with its own set of tools (CHANGE Pyramid Model) that gave me clarity – and opportunity to transform myself into a new and revived ME.  And these can work for YOU as well.

“I chose a lifestyle that led me to paralysis and blindness.

Don't let your patients or yourself do the same.” Lucie Légaré


A stroke at 27 years is what brought me to paralysis and blindness. As human beings we often find ourselves burning the candle at both ends – driving ourselves into the ground… until one day we crash. Our body, our mind and spirit -- just say ENOUGH.

 I realized that I drove myself right into that stroke by choosing a lifestyle that was sure to end in crisis; and the not so funny thing was, my body was screaming at me for two whole years – and I didn’t pay attention… and so I paid a heavy price instead.

Fast forward to today –

Even if specialists told me I would not walk or see again, not only am I fully recovered from my stroke – but I am a champion Latin and Ballroom dancer; I earned an MBA, have a beautiful 13-year-old daughter and found my soulmate.

It’s been a long road, in and out of a dark forest, and what I discovered along the way – what saved my life and gave me a second chance to make a difference – are 6 areas of focus, each with its own set of tools that gave me clarity – and opportunity to transform myself into a new and revived ME.  And these can work for your patients and YOU as well.

Learn how to HELP yourself and your patients/clients/employees to Empower yourselves to heal, stay healthy and live the life you want.

A few words to describe Lucie and her
C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model:

Your patients/clients and yourself can finally banish the never ending cycle of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain we all go through in phases by applying the techniques shown by Lucie using the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model and expounded in her book “MASTER YOUR PERSONAL EVEREST”.

By using the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model, you will have the tools and the support to expedite any kind of healing and to become the BEST YOU, you want to be. Lucie will also show you how to acquire the knowledge of how you and your patients/clients can turn an “I wish…” into reality and a challenge into a victory.



Lucie speaks and educate from the heart, and also from the facts. Her MBA and her professional experience in the business world has led her to manage private, non-profit and public organizations, from family size companies to the giant size automotive business.

“Everyone has their challenges to overcome, their mountains to climb ... to the summit of their Personal Everest... I use the lessons and the love from my Personal Everest to help people overcome life's challenges and grow from them.” Lucie Légaré 

Training and
Speciality Classes


 The Speciality Classes are created for the need of Professionals in Health Care and related fields anywhere in the world to train them in the Universal Principals of Self-Healing; and how to apply these principals in providing services to their patients and clients.

These session are highly focused on the needs of the group. They are anywhere from 1 day to 4 days. They focus on a variety of  specific topics to get interactive with a small group of like minded people and to ensure each member of the group gets the most out of the class and is able to achieve his/her goal.

Speaking Events

Speaking Events are intented for Professionals in Health Care and related fields and their patients/clients and can be held anywhere in the world.


They vary from 90 minutes, 3 hours, 1 day, and 2 days events. These are design for larger groups and  give a broad range of knowledge and know-how on the different tools from the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model, the Universal Principals of Self-Healing; and how to apply these principals.


They will inspire you, motivate you as well as give you what you need to be THE BEST YOU so you can reach your full potential in health and in live.




“Lucie Legare is a walking miracle... literally! Paralyzed and blind for five years following a stroke, which she takes full responsibility for "causing," by not listening to her body screaming at her to slow down -- she defied her doctors' prognosis that she would never walk or see again. How did she do it? Through the intense power of intention and visualization. And now she has created a company (C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Solutions) and coaching model designed to help others overcome whatever has them "paralyzed and blind" as well. Lucie is the real deal, she walks the talk, and is an inspiration to anyone open to hearing her message of courage, hope, and possibility -- and willing to do the work for their own personal transformation.”


Dr. Jim Alvino, Lucie's business coach and speaker trainer with the JT Foxx Organization; and author of Explorer's Guide to the Law of Attraction: How to Tap into the Quantum Heart for Happiness and Success.


—PLEASE NOTE: The health care services, training, and consultation available through CHANGE Pyramid Solutions and the CHANGE Pyramid Model as well as the complementary tools do not replace medical treatment, but they complement them. We use them and train you to use them so we can expedite your healing and wellbeing.

—We want to complement the other treatments by educating on the power of the Self so people can find or regain physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. We want those people limited by daily pain to empower themselves and improve their efficiency and quality of life.


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