2.5-Day Training/Retreat

May 11-13, 2018

Training Summary

This is a 2.5-day Training/workshop created especially for Professionals in Health Care and related fields anywhere in the world. The objective is to train you in the Universal Principles of Self-Healing, the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model as well as complementary tools; and how to apply these principles and tools in providing services to your patients and clients. It enables you to retreat from the fast-passed life you know and removes the constant stimulation from your external environment that forces you to stay in the same state of emergency and stress.

That session is highly focused on the needs of the group. It concentrates on stress management, self-healing and empowerment tools from the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model, the Universal Principles of Self-Healing and other complementary tools such as Sound Therapy, in an interactive way for a small group of like minded people. Lucie will ensure each member of the group gets the most out of the class and is able to achieve his/her goal.

Lucie will blend quantum physics, the science aspect of Self-Healing as explained by Drs. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton and her own Self-Healing experience from blindness and paralysis after her stroke.​​​

This event is held at the World Award Winning Spa Eastman, Eastman QC Canada!


Spa Eastman

895, chemin des Diligences
Eastman, Quebec J0E1P0 Canada

450 297-3009 / 1 800 665-5272


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Fresh Start On Self-Healing & Empowerment Training

by Lucie Légaré


STARTING AT $1,447 (including the training, 2 night stay, 3 meals per day and spa pools, baths and other activities).

This a three (3) step process.

1) You must register on this site for the training using the form below.

2) Pay for the training online and

3) call or email the spa to reserve your accommodation.​​

Training Regular Price: $1,997

SPECIAL OFFER 50% OFF on the training : $997 Register by November 30, 2017

1) Register for the training by filling out the Registration Form

Come with your business partner or spouse; with an open-heart, open-mind, open-soul and be ready to step out of your comfort zone!

NOTE: Your business partner or spouse can come at NO extra-charge for the workshop, however accommodation price will vary.

2) Pay for your training
3) Make your reservation at the spa by phone or email.

Please note that Accommodations pricing includes 3 meals for Saturday and the same for Sunday as well as access to pools, baths and spa special activities.

To make your spa reservation:

call: 1 800 665-5272

or email:

—PLEASE NOTE: The health care services, training, and consultation available through CHANGE Pyramid Solutions and the CHANGE Pyramid Model as well as the complementary tools do not replace medical treatment, but they complement them. We use them and train you to use them so we can expedite your healing and wellbeing.

—We want to complement the other treatments by educating on the power of the Self so people can find or regain physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. We want those people limited by daily pain to empower themselves and improve their efficiency and quality of life.