What is the role of the patient in his/her own healing?
How important do you think self-healing is in the process of wellness?
​Are you looking for tools to help your patients in their healing so they can find that balance in life?

The Training and Speciality Courses are created espacially for Professionals in Health Care and related fields anywhere in the world to train them in the Universal Principals of Self-Healing; and how to apply these principals in providing services to their patients and clients.

These session are highly focused on the needs of the group. They are anywhere from 1 day to 4 days and focus on a variety of  specific topics to get interactive with a small group of like minded people.

These session are highly focused on the needs of the group to ensure you get the most out of the class and are able to reach your full potential.

—PLEASE NOTE: The health care services, training, and consultation available through CHANGE Pyramid Solutions and the CHANGE Pyramid Model as well as the complementary tools do not replace medical treatment, but they complement them. We use them and train you to use them so we can expedite your healing and wellbeing.

—We want to complement the other treatments by educating on the power of the Self so people can find or regain physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. We want those people limited by daily pain to empower themselves and improve their efficiency and quality of life.