C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid MODEL

Why do patients heal using a placebo?
Why other patients do not heal with pharmaceutical drugs?

"In my experience, the patients' beliefs in their own healing and wellbeing is fondamental; without it, healing is not possible. However, THEIR OWN THINKING, SPEAKING, FEELING, BELIEVING AND THEIR ACTIONS

MOST BE CONGRUENT. Healing happens from the inside out." Lucie Légaré

Learn how to help yourself and your patients/clients/employees to Empower yourselves to heal, stay healthy and live the life you want. Health, wealth, love, happiness, fulfillment is at reach for everyone. Personal Empowerment, the choice to use the power we have to make a difference in our life, is the foundation of personal transformation and also the foundation of the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model and its set of tools.

I call my model of personal empowerment THE C.H.A.N.G.E. PYRAMID, C.H.A.N.G.E. is an acronym, which gets energized under the power of the pyramid; each face of the pyramid represents one letter of the acronym C.H.A.N.G.E. We will tell you what that acronym is and then explain each letter:

Lucie Legare's Blue Morpho Butterfly in sign of life's transformation
C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model  illustrates 12 tools I used for my FULL recovery from paralysis and blindness after a stroke (even when doctors told me I was NOT going to walk or see again).

Now, let’s take one at a time...



The sky is the limit... NO! "The sky is Infinite; it's US and Our Choices, Our Beliefs, Our Thoughts and Our Actions that creaOUR LIFE, good or bad." Lucie Légaré

First understand that we are responsible for our life -- all the it, the good, the bad and the ugly; there is no one to blame, and no set of circumstances that has you down and out, or not receiving in life all that you desire. Opportunities show up all the time, junctures, choices that take you closer or farther from attaining your goals. The power to choose is the foundation of personal transformation and also the foundation of this model.


CHOOSE for me also means choosing BALANCE in our lives, knowing the difference between healthy and unhealthy habits and priorities, and making the higher choices; You can choose the hard way or the easy way, it’s all up to you. CHOOSE means acknowledging the give and take in life – knowing when to take, and when to ask others or the divine for help.


For example: You have one or more problems -- You have pain in your body, in your heart, in your mind or in your soul… ask for help.


So ask yourself: In what ways might you make better choices in your life?

Lucie Legare CHOOSE The sky is infinite; it's US and Our Choices, Our Beliefs, Our Thoughts and Our Actions that create OUR LIFE, good or bad.
Lucie Legare HEAL We can signal our genes to acheive what we want


One thing that became clear to me, lying immobile and blind in my hospital bed, the doctors having told me that I would never walk or see again – was that if I was to heal, I would have to heal myself. Heal thyself became my mantra. I had to re-find and redefine my purpose.


I used strong visualization to activate and redirect healthy cells in my body to replace the dead cells in my brain. I was 100 percent certain that this was possible and would work – my thinking, speaking, feeling and believing were all in complete harmony and congruence.


Today we know that we can burn new neural pathways in our brain, and can make fundamental changes at the cellular level, to achieve seemingly miraculous results. Transformation, real change, lasting change, happens from the inside out. As Drs. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton say, we can signal our genes to change the future… and, in essence, that’s what I did. You might also think of this as the placebo effect if you wish. Actually, Dr. Dispenza even wrote a book to this effect.


To complement what the medical profession does, I teach my clients strong visualization techniques to help expedite healing, and to help them take responsibility for their own healing.


So, I urge them: whatever has you immobilized, whatever is your “wheelchair” – “get out of the wheelchair and onto the dance floor.”



As the author of Illusion – The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Richard Bach, says: “You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true.” Everything is possibility, according to quantum physics, including infinite versions of ourselves standing in what is called “superposition” or potentiality, just waiting to be observed and actualized.


In other words, whatever dream or vision you have of yourself, it is both possible and achievable… by virtue of having the dream in the first place, observing it unfold, and taking appropriate, and often bold action to bring it to fruition.


Napoleon Hill recounts in Think and Grow Rich, how he helped his son, who was born without ears, how to hear. This might have been thought of as impossible… until he did it. Before Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile, it was thought to be humanly impossible. When Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay successfully scaled Mount Everest, they transcended a perceived limitation or boundary, to achieve a feat theretofore believed to be beyond the reach of any man or woman on earth.


Dare to dream the impossible dream, identify and MASTER YOUR PERSONAL EVEREST.  When I work with my clients, I help them create and articulate a set of personal affirmations to break through THEIR perceived limitations, so they can manifest a new vision of themselves or the reality they desire.

Lucie Legare Achieve: with a dream comes the power to make reality
Lucie Legare Nurture - Transformation from the inside out



It is often said that the true meaning of being “selfish” is “self-care.” And it is true as well, that before we can help others, we must help ourselves. Before we can be of service to others, we must have our own act together. And this requires self-awareness. What are the issues and challenges that must be brought from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind, so we can live a more joyful life and keep moving forward.


We take care of the inside by being kind to ourselves, compassionate, loving, listening to the limits of our body, and letting go of the past. Just as our DNA is the blueprint for our physical body, so too is our world and personality the manifestation of our subtle body; an interdependence between our outside environment and our inside dimensions that give rise to our reality.


Letting go of the past begins with forgiveness. And from my experience, it is sometimes much easier to forgive others than to forgive ourselves from whatever real or imagined sins we feel guilty of. But if we don’t, we are stuck in the past and stuck in an identity, a memory of ourselves really, in which we do not allow ourselves to evolve or grow.


Working with my clients, I help them become aware of the driving forces operating invisible to them, so to speak, so they can integrate these factors and live a more conscious, more deliberate life.



We either grow or die, figuratively speaking… there is no standing still, and no in between. The challenge is, we are programmed and conditioned to stay the same. The ego wants to protect its turf, stay comfortable, and not deal with change if it can help it. This may feel good in the short-term, but it leads nowhere.


We are here on this planet -- on this earth plane -- to grow, to learn, to teach, to work out our issues and challenges with others – and, frankly, to assist in evolving our species, all of humanity. At a deep energetic and spiritual level, according to Dr. David Hawkins, we are all interconnected in a grand and infinite, electro-magnetic attractor field, which emanates at the frequency of love, and most often referred to as God – whatever your name for God or spiritual persuasion may be.


It is this universal energy field that we access through meditation. Meditation allows us down time to reflect and to tap into a Source that is greater than our individual selves or egos; and to effect visualizations and changes at the cellular level. To change our future, we have to change our personality; and to change our personality, we have to signal our genes to make these changes. Meditation grants us access to this domain.


In meditation, too, we cultivate intuition and learn to trust the insights and wisdom gleaned in silence; we learn to channel and focus our energy in attainment of the greater good, and muster the courage and certainty to take bold, new steps in our personal transformation.

Lucie Legare GROW We are here to Learn, Teach, work out our differences, evoluate
Lucie Legare EXPERIENCE synchronicity is happening all teh time, pay attention



Nothing happens in life by accident. The universe is not a crap shoot, nor is it on a fixed and pre-determined path of entropy. The universe is Consciousness; we are that Consciousness as well, and we contribute to our collective expansion – both on a personal and universal dimension.


That said, our experiences in life reflect what Carl Jung and James Redfield called “synchronicity” – the apparently coincidental happenings that bring people, places and things together for a purpose. The appearance of just what we need, just at the right time. The inexplicable support we receive when we are down and out on our luck. The serendipitous message we hear that gives meaning, direction or validation to a contemplated course of action.


The key here is to remain open to what is happening right before our eyes and ears, to learn to read the signs that indicate this way or that, to step out of our comfort zone, and out of our own way, with the intention of allowing, attracting or fulfilling some deep calling…


Ask, “What are my greatest opportunities right now?; What are my greatest impact, highest income activities right now…?” and then LISTEN, really listen to what bubbles up from your higher self, from the quantum field in support of your journey.


And finally, we have and express deep gratitude – above all else -- gratitude for our life just as it has unfolded so far; and gratitude IN THE PRESENT for the future we have already become!

OK, so because everyone has their challenges to overcome, their mountains to climb… to the summit of THEIR Personal Everest… I use the lessons and the love from MY Personal Everest to help people overcome life’s challenges and grow from them.


That was a summary of my CHANGE PYRAMID MODEL FOR PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT – Thank you for entering my life and letting me be part of yours.


Please contact me for more information on events coming up, coaching, have a copy of my book, or if you’d like me to consult or speak to your organization, association or company on topics related to personal empowerment.






“The fact Lucie is still with us is amazing by itself but given doctors told her she would never walk or see again it verges on the miraculous.  Her techniques of overcoming such overwhelming odds are a must for anyone who seeks to improve themselves no matter the challenges and circumstances.  You too can achieve the seemingly impossible using her C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model for personal empowerment and success!”  

Tim Cummings, President, Gestion TC Management Inc.

—PLEASE NOTE: The health care services, training, and consultation available through CHANGE Pyramid Solutions and the CHANGE Pyramid Model as well as the complementary tools do not replace medical treatment, but they complement them. We use them and train you to use them so we can expedite your healing and wellbeing.

—We want to complement the other treatments by educating on the power of the Self so people can find or regain physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. We want those people limited by daily pain to empower themselves and improve their efficiency and quality of life.