Lucie Légaré



Lucie is the founder of CHANGE Pyramid Solutions, a personal Empowerment company. She is an International Speaker, Self-Healing & Empowerment Consultant and the Author of her upcoming book “MASTER YOUR PERSONAL EVEREST – How to Empower Yourself by using the CHANGE Pyramid Model”. ​She works with Professionals in Health Care and related fields to train them in the Universal Principles of Self-Healing as well as the C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model and other complementary tools; and how to apply these principles and tools in providing services to their patients and clients.​

Lucie, originally from Quebec (Canada), is recognized as a woman of great determination. She has not only surmounted life’s obstacles but has also grown as a result of these challenges. For example, she had a stroke at 27 years of age which brought her to paralysis and blindness. ​ By choosing a lifestyle that was sure to end in a crisis, Lucie realized afterwards that she drove herself right into that stroke.

​​ ​Even if specialists told her she would not walk or see again, not only has she fully recovered from her stroke, with the renewed ability to see again and walk – but she is a champion Latin and Ballroom dancer in her category; she earned an MBA and has a beautiful 17-year-old daughter; all of which she’s done at the same time as she accumulated over 20 years of management experience. Her MBA and her professional experience in the business world have led her to manage private, non-profit and public organizations throughout Canada, from family-size companies to the giant size automotive business. ​

Lucie Legare, a determined, passionnate and enthousiastic International Speaker, Life Coach and Author
Lucie Legare, a determined, passionnate and enthousiastic International Speaker, Life Coach and Author

Lucie has been speaking, consulting, writing, and working with clients on personal empowerment topics for several years. She has designed her own specific model (C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model), based on key principles and requisite training methods, which have aided countless clients reach levels of personal empowerment, growth and healing that they thought impossible. Lucie’s methods are derived from her experience battling stroke, paralysis and blindness from which she made a full recovery from, by applying her C.H.A.N.G.E. Pyramid Model.  


Her Signature Speech “Out of the wheelchair and onto the dance floor” explains the tools from her model while giving real-life examples through a part of her story.

Lucie’s objective is in her own words, "I want to use my professional experience and expertise as well as my life experience to contribute to the growth of people and communities and make a difference in the world! Learning and teaching is my purpose."

Healing begins with the Self and it MUST start on the inside. Help yourself and your patients, clients, employees so you can transform life's challenges into VICTORIES." Lucie Légaré